Shellawax Liquid

This traditional liquid is more suitable for small turnings and provides a superior shine and finish. A favorite with woodturners world wide.


Woodturners Friction Polish 

A true high gloss finish for any wood project you create on your lathe. Apply the polish while your project is still on the lathe. The results will speak for themselves, a professional finish in just a few seconds. 
See what your pens will look like after applying this polish. Wow!

Finish, sand polish and buff in one easy step with…

Shellawax EEE-Ultra-Shine Paste Wax

Use Ultra Shine as the last sanding step before applying your final finish (eg. Shellawax, Hut wax, etc.) You’ll be amazed at the brilliant shine and superb blemish free surface on your turning. Ultra Shine contains ultra fine abrasives (Tripoli powder) that will enhance a 240 grit sanding step to 1200 grit or more and enhances a 400 grit finish to 2000 grit! The higher grit abrasive you use before using Ultra Shine, the better your finish will be with no sanding marks. Eliminates sanding marks. Works wonders on both woods and plastics.

Mylands Friction Polish

For the best results, apply this friction polish while you are still on the lathe. The results are quick and give a high gloss finish with very little effort.
16.2 fl. oz.

Note: Ground UPS Only — Continental U.S.


One-Step Plastic Polish: 3.4 fl. oz

Finish your plastic turnings with fewer steps and get a brilliant scratch free finish. You’ll only need to sand to 400 grit before using One-Step™, thus eliminating the need of numerous fine sanding steps frequently used to get a polished finish.
• Ideal for pen projects

This amazing polish gives an ultra high gloss finish on most plastics. The easiest, fastest way to polish plastics on a lathe. Will not dry up or cake during use. 8oz bottle.

Order #PK-1502

• Removes chisel marks, scratches and scuffs
• Easy to apply
• Provides a long lasting polished surface finish
• Non-toxic, non-flammable, infinite shelf lifeType a description for this product here...


5 Grit Sand Paper Pack  Includes 5 rolls of hard to find J-Weight cloth backed sandpaper,  1'' wide x 20 ft. rolls. Grits assortment includes: 150, 240, 320, 400, 600.