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We carry many unique pen and pencil kits.  We carry many  different pen kits, Slimline pen kits, Designer pen kits, Comfort pen kits, Cigar pen kits, Polaris pen kits, Apollo pen kits, Gatsby pen kits, Tycoon pen kits, Majestic pen kits, Nouveau Sceptre pen kits, Bullet pen kits, Traditional pen kits, Art Deco pen kits, Olympian Elite pen kits, Classic pen kits, Bullet Pen Kits, 24K Slimline Pen Kits, TN Comfort Pen kits and many more.
 offers a variety of platings for our pen kits to chose from including 24Kt Gold pen kits, Satin, Black Enamel Pen Kits, Rhodium Pen Kits, Gold Titanium (TN) Pen Kits and Black Titanium Pen Kits.  Many of our best selling pen kits include:   Slimline Pen Kits are the most popular for pen turning. Get what you need to start making amazing pens including the pen kits, drill bits and bushings.  Stylus Pen Kits A great gift idea for the smart phone or tablet user. Easily take notes, draw or simply turn a page on your device. A leading pen making seller.   Classic Pen Kits Based on the very popular Parker™ 1920’s pen design, this classic design will surely impress any pen maker.   Majestic Pen Kits  are luxuriously featured with Swarovski crystals & custom casted 3 dimensional accent rings, bands & caps. For pen turning high end pen kits.   Designer Pen Kits Create a pen resembling one of the world’s most expensive writing instruments from the 1920’s, an American favorite.   Gatsby Pen Kits exhibits mystery, flair and elegance. Includes smooth twist mechanism & single tube design make pen making easy and fun.   Cigar Pen Kits are a pen turners favorite. These big pens are handsome & powerfully built writing instruments.  Pen making is fun with Comfort Pen Kits A wider slimline style that’s easy to make and looks great.  Funline Pen Kits Feature 6 new affordable & attractive platings in our popular Slimline, Designer & Comfort styles.  Executive Pen Kits are elegant with a smooth mechanism will make these kits one of your favorite to pen kits to turn.   Trimline Pen Kits are fun if you like turning Slimline and Comfort Pen Kits, you'll love turning these kits.   A new generation of high-end pen kits. Created by expert pen designer David Broadwell from America.   Patrizio Pen Kits Simple but elegant lines, perfect symmetry and classic back styling epitomize this classically Italian styled 7mm pen.  Sculpted Pen Kits Distinctive styles that include intricately sculptured band, front and end pieces from the old world.   Tycoon Pen Kits Features ultra smooth and durable threading. Available in rollerball & fountain pen styles.  Traditional Pen Kits Easy to make larger kits with the superior writing characteristics of roller ball & fountain pen styles from America.   Segmented Pen Kits is a24kt kit which creates an exotic oriental flair ideal for any executive’s desk.  Olympian Pen Kits Feature a strong, squared appearance in Rollerball or Fountain pen styles from Europe.