At Pen Making we will show you how to turn a pen and make a beautiful writing instrument. Its fun for all ages. You will find Pen Turning Supplies and pen making supplies. We supply Pen Blanks, Pencil Kits, Pen Kits, Pen Lathes, Pen Making Tools, Burl Pen Blanks & Acrlyic Pen Blanks, Pen Sanding Paper, CA Glue, Friction Polish and Pen Turning Supplies and Tools. Woodturning Supplies too.

  We carry Pen Turning Starter Sets.  Turning tools, pen kits and pen mandrel. Lathes from, Pennstate Industries, Jet & Powermatic. Or we can customize a package for you.

We carry drill bits, pen kit bushings, pen blank sleves, pen mandrels, triple eee was, shellawax, micro sand paper,  pen boxes, pen tubes, pen clips, pen bands, pen caps. We offer pen stands, pen display cases, pen ink refills, pen funnels, desk set pens, lathe accessories, dust collection. We carry turning tools, gouges, parting tools, skew, and more. Find pen polish, sand paper, pen wax, # 1 pen manderel, #2 pen mandrels.  Woodturning supplies and wood turning project kits, letter openers, magnifers, back scrathers, key chain kits and more. 






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Large Selection of Pen Blanks

Pen Making & Woodturning Projects

Pen Turning Supplies

At you'll find New Pen Blanks for 2016, a huge selection of pen blanks for turning pens. Our pen turning blank will help you make pens and finish off your wood turning project. We have a large selection and low prices on Pen Blanks, Wood Turning Pen Blanks, Harswood Pen Blanks, Plastic Pen Blanks, Engineered Laminate Wood Pen Blanks, Dyed Pen Blanks, 7mm Pre Drilled Pen Blanls, Camo Pen Blanks, Colorwood Pen Blanks, Resin Pen Blanks, 5/8 " Inch Pen Blanks, 3/4 " Inch Pen Blanks, 7/8" Inch Pen Blanks, Popular Collection Pen Blanks, Bottle Stopper Blanks, Spindle Blanks, Bowl Blanks and more. Make a pen today.  Find pen turning supplies to finish your pen blanks. 

We carry rare tropical and exotic turning woods, hard to find acrylic materials and unique stabilized wood pen blanks such as burl pen blanks and alternative turning materials such as woods from Austrailia.

You’ll find the right turning stock, woodturning blanks, wood for turning and pen turning blanks for your next project.

At  you'll find the pen blank or turning blank for all of your pen turning and wood turning project. We have a large selection and low prices Pen Blanks, wood turning blanks, bottle stopper blanks, and blanks for key chain kits, yoyo’s, razors, and more. We carry rare tropical and exotic turning woods, vibrant acrylic materials & unique stabilized wood such as corn cob blanks and alternative turning materials such as Rattlesnake Blanks. You’ll find the best woodturning blanks, wood for pen turning and pen making blanks right here.

If you like to turn your own customized pens, we have the pen turning blanks for you, wood pen turning blanks, acrtlic pen turning blanks, turning blanks  Our pen turning blanks feature many unique materials, pre drilled pen blnks, deer antler blanks, metal pen blanks.  Our wood pen turning blanks offer many styles to choose from. We have exotic woods, acrylic pen banks, stabilized pen blanks, bone pen blanks

We can help you turn a stunning pen that’s is sure to impress your family and friends.We offer all types of exotic blanks from around the world including Asia and South America. Stabilized pen blanks, vibrant colors in acrylic blanks as well as several types of antler ideal for pen turning needs.

We carry exotic woods, exotic turning wood and burls. We offer a variety of exotic species, including Bubinga, Coclbolo, East Indian Rosewood, aferican Blackwood, Bocote, Lignum Vitae, Amboyna Burl, Honduran Mahogany, Olive wood, Ebony and more. 

Pen Turning Project Kits

  Inspire your woodturning creativity and discover over 25 fun & unique turning kits including Bottle Stopper Kits, Letter Opener Kits, Magnifier Kits, Key Chain Kits, Peppermill Kits, Coffee Grinder Kits, Lure Kits, Game Call Kits & much more! These woodturning kits are fun & unique lathe projects you’ll love turning day after day. Find your next turning project & turning kit here at Penn State Industries.
Perfectly top off a special bottle of wine with guaranteed to please kits
Turn a world class shaving system with our Razor and Brush Handle Kits
Fun projects Inspire your creativity with back scratcher, shoe horn, dinner bell, light pull kits & more
Desk set letter openerPractical and stylish gift for any executive's desk
Key chain kits that will make great gifts  Spark the imagination by turning your own wooden kaleidoscope
Provide just the right light to set the mood with our candlesticks and candle holders available in a variety of finishes.
Magnifer Glass Kit Get clear & detailed viewing with these unique kits made of quality component

    We can help you turn a stunning pen that’s is sure to impress your family and friends.We offer all types of exotic blanks from around the world including Asia and South America. Stabilized pen blanks, vibrant colors in acrylic blanks as well as several types of antler ideal for pen turning needs. We carry exotic woods, exotic turning wood and burls. We offer pen blnks from a variety of exotic specie woods from around the world, including Bubinga, Coclbolo, East Indian Rosewood, Aferican Blackwood, Bocote, Lignum Vitae, Amboyna Burl, Honduran Mahogany, Olivewood, Ebony and more. offers a variety of platings for our pen kits to chose from including 24Kt Gold, Satin, Black Enamel, Rhodium, Gold Titanium (TN) and Black Titanium.  Many of our best selling pen kits include:   Slimline Pen Kits are the most popular for pen turning. All you need to start making great pens is the pen kits, drill bits and bushings.  Stylus Pen Kits a new idea for the smart phone or tablet user. Easily take notes, draw or simply turn a page on your device. A leading pen making seller.   Classic Pen Kits based on the popular Parker™ 1920’s pen design.   Bullet Pen Kits. We carry the largest selection of Bullet Pen Kits, 30 caliber pen kits, civil war pen kits, 50 caliber pen kits, shotgun pen kits.  Majestic Pen Kits  are feature with Swarovski crystals & custom casted 3 dimensional accent rings, bands & caps. For pen turning high end pen kits.   Designer Pen Kits Create a pen resembling one of the world’s most expensive writing instruments from the 1920’s, an American favorite.   Gatsby Pen Kits exhibit a  flair and elegance. Includes smooth twist mechanism & single tube design make pen making easy and fun.   Cigar Pen Kits are a pen turners favorite. These big pens are handsome & powerfully built writing instruments.  Pen making is fun with Comfort Pen Kits A wider slimline style that’s easy to make and looks great.  Funline Pen Kits Feature 6 new affordable & attractive platings in our popular Slimline, Designer & Comfort styles.  Executive Pen Kits are elegant with a smooth mechanism will make these kits one of your favorite to pen kits to turn.   Trimline Pen Kits are fun if you like turning Slimline and Comfort Pen Kits, you'll love turning these kits.   A new generation of high-end pen kits. Created by expert pen designer David Broadwell from America.   Patrizio Pen Kits Simple but elegant lines, perfect symmetry and classic back styling epitomize this classically Italian styled 7mm pen.  Sculpted Pen Kits Distinctive styles that include intricately sculptured band, front and end pieces from the old world.   Tycoon Pen Kits Features ultra smooth and durable threading. Available in rollerball & fountain pen styles.  Traditional Pen Kits Easy to make larger kits with the superior writing characteristics of roller ball & fountain pen styles from America.   Segmented Pen Kits is a24kt kit which creates an exotic oriental flair ideal for any executive’s desk.  Olympian Pen Kits Feature a strong, squared appearance in Rollerball or Fountain pen styles from Europe.


Pen Making Finishing Supplies and Adhesives

We offer a broad selection of finishin to glue up your pen blanks and tubes for pen making and pen turning projects.

Very durable sanding sheets - outlasting traditional paper abrasives 8 to 1

Abrasive Rolls (5 pk)
Conveniently finish your pens in five graduated sanding steps with this handy dispenser. An essential process for finishing your pens properly. Dispenser includes 5 rolls of hard to find J-weight cloth backed sandpaper, 1" wide x 20' rolls.
Assortment includes: 150x, 240x, 320x, 400x, & 600x.

Plastic Finishing Kit for Pen Turners

Sand with these special pads and get a remarkable hi-gloss, scratch free shine on your plastic or resin impregnated pen blanks. Works great on surfaces that include stabilized woods, acrylics and solid surface materials. The kit includes six 2" x 2" color coded foam backed abrasive pads ranging from 300 to 12,000 grit and detailed instructions. Long lasting and easy to use.


EEE-Ultra Shine Paste Wax: 250ml  Perfect for pen blanks 

Use Ultra Shine as the last sanding step before applying your final finish (eg. Shellawax, Hut wax, etc.). You ll be amazed at the brilliant shine and superb blemish-free surface on your turning. Ultra Shine contains ultra fine abrasives (Tripoli powder) that will enhance a 240 grit sanding step to 1200 grit or more and enhances a 400 grit finish to 2000 grit! The higher grit abrasive you use before using Ultra Shine, the better your finish will be with no sanding marks. Eliminates sanding marks. Works wonders on both woods and plastics.
250ml (8.6 fl oz)

Shellawax Liquid, Friction polish for wood pen blanks 

This traditional liquid is more suitable for small turnings and provides a superior shine and finish. A favorite with woodturners world wide. (Note that picture shows 8.6 fluid ounce bottle.)

One-Step Plastic Polish: 3.4 fl. oz for Acrylic Pen Blanks

Finish your plastic turnings with fewer steps and get a brilliant scratch free finish. You’ll only need to sand to 400 grit before using One-Step™, thus eliminating the need of numerous fine sanding steps frequently used to get a polished finish.
• Ideal for pen projects
• Removes chisel marks, scratches and scuffs
• Easy to apply
• Provides a long lasting polished surface finish
• Non-toxic, non-flammable, infinite shelf life

HUT Perfect Pen Polish Gloss: High Gloss 2oz. Bar for Pen Making 
High Gloss. This easy to apply polish includes a special blend of waxes and polishes. It provides an attractive, durable, water repellent finish. Note: A high gloss finish requires application of both Satin and High Gloss bars. 2oz Bar - White

Tite-Bond Glue, 12 Oz Pen Turners Glue 
This hi-tech glue specially formulated for adhering anything to anything. This polyurethane glue is ideal for gluing pen blanks (of any material) to brass pencrafting tubes. Working time is about 1/2 hour. Shelf life is about 6 months.